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Look to your right
Look to your left
who's that?

Is that your
do you have the matching
Well you aren't friends

Society has all these
"have-to-have" lists
do you really believe
that these are true

Do you really believe
you're friends with someone
just because
he or she is popular
or you both wear this

Did you ever think that
Christ may have a better
that maybe a friendship
through him would be 


well think

You want your friend to make 
you feel loved and 
You want to know that
your friend is really

Well a friend
that is a friend
through Christ
is a friend that will forever
cherish and love you
He or She will show you a friendship
beyond imagination
because Christ burns with love
and He shows that exact love
through that friend whom is in


One thought on “Friends.♥

  1. That’s what I look for in a friend, really. Thank you for sharing this here! – Michelle

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