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Wake Up♥

It's about time.
I'm waking up.
time to reach over and grab on
grab hold of what's true
not what's not

Breathe in and breathe out
I know I'm still struggling
just to do so.
I haven't forgotten
how so loved I am

But, when is it my time
when am I gonna realize
When am I going to breathe 

You look me in the eyes,
I'm nervous.
You're telling me how special
I am
You love me
And I truly love you.

When do I get my chance
to breathe
no panic, no time to be scared
Who knows?

I guess I'll just keep waiting
because you say
"Not Yet"


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The More♥

The more I look
the more I sing
the more I study
the more I see

I see God...

I look into science
and find more and more
of Him.

It's as if science
that God is as true as 
the sun in the sky
or the grass in the fields-

He gets bigger everyday in
my little eyes
I wish I could understand,
but I know I can't
One day I'll be face to face
with You
And I can't wait to ask You
every question that runs
through my head


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For Grace♥

I need to tell
I can't breathe 
because you hold
my heart
you keep it beating
your love 
is beyond imaginable

Your smile lights up my day
and your voice
is a soft as 
I get chills when I
think about the
way you care

You're someone
i rely on
I lean to you
as a support
like a crutch

You break my heart 
in all the right ways
you keep me sane
and keep me still

Your wisdom shines
like a light in the

When I'm crying
i know i don't have 
you're drying them
for me
you tell me I'm loved

You hold me up 
and carry me when 
I can't on my own

You're my grace 
when i'm stressed

you're a sister
In christ above
you're connected to
by heart and love 
and nothing more


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He is Timeless.

My soul may be tired but
my heart is still 
I will forver endure
this love.

It's a Sweet Victory
when I can pick myself
and know that this is
I will forever be alive
I was born knowing
that I would have 
my life be 

This love is Classic.
They all have heard it
It's stunning
shining and beautiful
Timeless. Ever-lasting. 

Love is Timeless.


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I'm breathing in
Breathing out
The air in my lungs
fills my body
like a balloon

I'm smelling the flowers
reaching for the prettiest 
putting it in my hair
and being like a princess

My hair is blowing back
in the wind
my face stings from
the slaps of spring

the droplets of water running 
down my face and 
soaking my hair
makes me smile

I feel at peace
with such great nature
I feel whole again

I hear the birds chirping
singing their songs
I tweet back thinking 
I'm a pro
but really sound like
a dying cat

My family laughs
I laugh- stop, and smile
I love it
Everything about it.
I'm getting a glimse of 
A glimpse of Joy
Not Happiness..


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This Love♥

I'm probably the girl
you dont really

I'm the girl in the 
back of the room
while being the center
of attention.
My life is backwards
Upside-down and crazy.

But I found a love from 
a love so uncomparable
so unexplainable
You sit here and read
while I stand up and dance
with the love in my 

I wish you could feel 
this love
my heart pounds
it's over flowing
Love is spilling because
my heart is full

Take some please
Learn of this love
It's the kind of love
that makes you risk 
your life
The kind of love you can't 
imagine ever not having
I promise you won't
regret it
Take some of this love.


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Finding Future♥

I'm trying to find the
I don't know what I'm
doing anymore
this is a world in which
I spin

I don't know where I want
to go
I'll never go back
even if I could change the

I want to find future
He's got a place for me
somewhere in a world full
of people getting lost
not following a map
that Future gave to us.

I'm finding Future.
He'll keep my spot warm until
I can count on that
Believe me my friend.


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Look to your right
Look to your left
who's that?

Is that your
do you have the matching
Well you aren't friends

Society has all these
"have-to-have" lists
do you really believe
that these are true

Do you really believe
you're friends with someone
just because
he or she is popular
or you both wear this

Did you ever think that
Christ may have a better
that maybe a friendship
through him would be 


well think

You want your friend to make 
you feel loved and 
You want to know that
your friend is really

Well a friend
that is a friend
through Christ
is a friend that will forever
cherish and love you
He or She will show you a friendship
beyond imagination
because Christ burns with love
and He shows that exact love
through that friend whom is in