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Little Words♥

i have little words
only few to type-
to write along lines
words making verses
verses making a story-
not compelling
only interesting
i have lttle words
i'm sorry to dissapoint
but poems come 
as they go-
here are my little words-
few to share-
many wish to be said
in a story to be made-
forever lost in a mind
that must be lost
to the grave itself.


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Confused, dear
That is what I am as I stare
I stare at the ground drowning out
chaos, while learning the patterns
maybe, I'm just searching for a little
peace in the midst of nonsense

Too many names
Too many faces, all having to be 
Who are you again?
I really get lost.
Looking into the eyes of so many
simply trying to understand how they 

Who do I bump heads with
Who am I annoying to
Who may be a friend in the months to come
I am really getting 

I prefer to be behind the Curtain
Listening and not acting
I'd rather look from the side rather
than looking straight on
Why are they pushing.
Why are they so confusing
I need consitency and this is not-

I need peace
and a little quiet
too many people 
Squishing into one little space
But what's his name again?
Oh... I don't know.


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Not Breathing♥

not breathing

these are the things
that I feel
I feel at peace
when I open my 
and scribble the mess
that's going on in
my life

I feel sick sometimes
scared even
a little terrified
but when I'm looking at
the masterpieces
God is creating in the
I can't help but attempt
to ground myself.

peace, no anxiety
is where I'm at my best
not fearing the worst 
and craving the best.


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I look back
staring at the person I
used to be
I used to be a child 
who found joy in every little

I look at me now
I wonder what happened
I've grown up
I don't do what I used to
I found new joys, but
I've kept some
I smile replaying all of my

Who doesn't remember their childhood
the one where the were
awful memories and 
joy-filled memories
I remember my childhood
just like it was yesterday
Maybe-   because it was
My childhood consists of every
memory I have ever created
It consists of every memory I ever
will have

Your childhood never ends
it keeps on going 
-so look up
smile a little.


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The More♥

The more I look
the more I sing
the more I study
the more I see

I see God...

I look into science
and find more and more
of Him.

It's as if science
that God is as true as 
the sun in the sky
or the grass in the fields-

He gets bigger everyday in
my little eyes
I wish I could understand,
but I know I can't
One day I'll be face to face
with You
And I can't wait to ask You
every question that runs
through my head


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For Grace♥

I need to tell
I can't breathe 
because you hold
my heart
you keep it beating
your love 
is beyond imaginable

Your smile lights up my day
and your voice
is a soft as 
I get chills when I
think about the
way you care

You're someone
i rely on
I lean to you
as a support
like a crutch

You break my heart 
in all the right ways
you keep me sane
and keep me still

Your wisdom shines
like a light in the

When I'm crying
i know i don't have 
you're drying them
for me
you tell me I'm loved

You hold me up 
and carry me when 
I can't on my own

You're my grace 
when i'm stressed

you're a sister
In christ above
you're connected to
by heart and love 
and nothing more


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He is Timeless.

My soul may be tired but
my heart is still 
I will forver endure
this love.

It's a Sweet Victory
when I can pick myself
and know that this is
I will forever be alive
I was born knowing
that I would have 
my life be 

This love is Classic.
They all have heard it
It's stunning
shining and beautiful
Timeless. Ever-lasting. 

Love is Timeless.


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Finding Future♥

I'm trying to find the
I don't know what I'm
doing anymore
this is a world in which
I spin

I don't know where I want
to go
I'll never go back
even if I could change the

I want to find future
He's got a place for me
somewhere in a world full
of people getting lost
not following a map
that Future gave to us.

I'm finding Future.
He'll keep my spot warm until
I can count on that
Believe me my friend.


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Northern Star♥

God Above
What have you done
You called me here
I don't know what
You want

I'm so lost
Help me find my
You're my guide
Like the Northern
A map for the 

Help me God
Find my way
I need your love
I'm lost again
Turn me around
And set me 

I need you to be
Northern Star..♥


Here you go guys! It's small... but very 
Very powerful. It just tells a story
one of which I'm in.