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Little Words♥

i have little words
only few to type-
to write along lines
words making verses
verses making a story-
not compelling
only interesting
i have lttle words
i'm sorry to dissapoint
but poems come 
as they go-
here are my little words-
few to share-
many wish to be said
in a story to be made-
forever lost in a mind
that must be lost
to the grave itself.


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Pants to long
arm rest
ugh can't reach again

I'm short
really short
what can I say
its a gene

God made me this
But I have those pants
that are an inch or five
too long
I'm the person everyone
rests their arm on
I'm the girl in the kitchen
who can't even reach her own

It's kinda sad
isn't it?
Being short
it's this condition
that "Shawties"

We get Cat-Called
hear the songs on the
We apparently always dance
on the dance floor
But we can't do much but sing
cause we are
and being short just happens
to kinda be okay

Tall boyfriends
are the the best
'cause they lean down to give
you a kiss
Tall parents
are the best
'cause you can ask
Hey, mom get this

It's pretty fun being
We have this special thing 
and only those whom are
will get what I mean
when I say
being short sucks, but is
the best thing that ever happened
to me.